To inspire and empower breast cancer survivors in an evidenced-based approach through education of simplified, actionable, and progressive steps towards healthy living.


To better the daily lives of breast cancer survivors.


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  • Honest
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Patricia Prince

Certified Health Coach

I learned to overcome, prevail, and flourish after breast cancer treatments. And now, I want to help you learn to recover from your ordeal. .

I am founder, author, and CEO of aftercancercoach.com and pinkribbonrunner.com.

Education & Certificates

I am an active member of the National Society of Health Coaches, where I obtained my certificate. I have 2 science-based degrees from the University of Calgary and the University of Saskatchewan. I have taken courses in nutrition from Exceed Nutrition and cancer nutrition from the Wageningen University.


I am Patricia Prince, Certified Health Coach and breast cancer survivor. I have gone through the emotional turmoil of a cancer diagnosis and struggled through multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormonal treatments.

I understand what it is to be a breast cancer patient.

Discover Your Possibilities

If you want to discover your new possibilities after breast cancer, you have come to the right place. I am developing programs designed to help with Cancer Related Fatigue, Brain Fog, and Sugar Detox. You too can go on to be better than you were even before breast cancer.

I believe in you!

Because you made it this far, I know you can go further! I know it is possible.

My Story

I am a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with grade 3 intraductal carcinoma in 2013. I have gone through the emotional turmoil of a cancer diagnosis. And I struggled through multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormonal treatments.

After treatments, I felt weaker, exhausted, and suffered from debilitating brain fog. My business was my mind and now I no longer had the energy or the brain power to work. I lost parts of my memory, including the details of a family vacation just before my diagnosis.

After becoming lost in a park near my home, where I had been many times before, I sought professional help. I know the immense frustration of struggling with focus, concentration, memory and using my brain productively. And I experienced how devastating the weariness and debility of cancer-related fatigue can be. You simply do not have the energy to live life productively.

Chemo brain and cancer-related fatigue were just beginning to be recognized and documented in the medical community. Diving deep into the scientific studies and cancer guidelines, I found the answers I was looking for. I learned to overcome, prevail, and flourish after breast cancer treatments.

You Can Live a Better, New Life After Cancer

Feeling detached from my old life, it was impossible to get back to “normal.”  My old life didn’t exist anymore. I had to painstakingly navigate through brain fog, cancer-related fatigue, and the expectation of going back to the way things were before cancer. I felt alone and that no one understood what was happening to me. I was supposed to move on after completing my cancer treatments. But I couldn’t. I still had lingering body, mind, and emotional issues to process. My breast cancer ordeal was not over, it continued.

But with time, I accepted this life with limitations. And I learned to move past them. I learned to live a better life.

Determined, I got up off my couch. I started eating better, moving more and developed other healthy habits. After 5 years of living a healthier life and learning to run, I ran a full marathon to prove I could. And I studied hard to become a Certified Health Coach so that I could help you learn discover your possibilities too.

The Logo:


The A is “after ” and marks where you are right now. It represents any anguish or struggle you are currently facing. YOU are the driver of change. You get to decide the direction you want to go. And that is why the A is prominent in the center.


The first C is “cancer “. As you can see, the line of the C is broken. This represents the fragments in our lives Many expect you to go back to “normal“, but “normal” has changed. Now is the time to put those pieces back together in a new way.


The second C is “coach “. I hope to be your inspiration in putting the fragments back into a solid line. Over time, you can form a clearer direction that is unique as you.  The C is reversed to indicate that life after cancer is different than it was before.

The color red was chosen because it signifies courage, strength, passion, energy, joy, love, vibrancy, radiance, confidence, determination, and adventure.

Red is the color of fire and blood. It represents vigor, vitality, and life.